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Hi everyone!

We’ve been busy bees over the past couple of days decorating and crafting in preparation for Easter, so I thought I’d share with you what we’ve done so far.

Easter mantle decoration


Having kids makes every single holiday so fun and exciting; I was never big on decorating for the seasons until I had kids (especially since Easter isn’t even in Spring here, it’s Autumn, so the bright and pastel colours never seemed quite right here…and with Halloween being in the middle of Australia’s Spring, well the oranges and dark colours never made sense there either)….but now I get so excited for this kind of stuff. The kids just make it so fun and since my boys are always so full of energy, the craft activities keep them occupied for at least a while.

Paint swatch Easter egg wreath

Blake’s favourite activity so far has been making our paint swatch Easter egg wreath. He was so proud of it when he had finished and couldn’t wait to show Daddy when he got home! He really enjoys cutting and pasting activities, it’s probably his favourite artsy thing to do.

Paint swatch Easter egg wreath

Easter egg paint swatch wreath

Origami inflatable bunny garland

Byron had a real blast making our origami bunny garland. He sat there with his little fingers flying across the square of paper…no I’m kidding, I did that one all by myself. Well, the kids glued on the pompom tails. My fingers hurt by the time I was finished but man, origami is actually really fun! I modified the tutorial I used (links at the end of this post) and used a hot glue gun to put a dot of glue on each side of the string so that the bunnies didn’t all slide into one big unrecognizable clump in the middle of the garland. Trust me, that happened, and it looked ridiculous.

We recycled some toilet rolls to make bunnies. The kids painted them and helped to glue some ears inside, then I painted their faces. The kids probably would have done a better job at that…

toilet roll easter bunnies

Easter egg tree decoration

shaving cream easter egg dye

We used the shaving cream method to dye our eggs (hanging on a branch-tree that the kids painted white). I used a skewer to put a hole in the top and bottom of the eggs, blew the whites and yolk out, then painted them white. Then we filled a bowl with shaving cream, put a few drops of red/blue/pink food colouring in, and let the kids swirl it a little with a skewer. Then the kids rolled the eggs through the shaving cream creating a pretty marbled effect on them. You’re supposed to patiently allow them to dry overnight but patience doesn’t come easily to neither me nor my kids, so I stuck them in the oven real quick. It worked, but I’m not sure how safe the whole thing was, so…probably best to just wait it out.

Easter window decals

We got the window stickers from Spotlight for like, $10 a sheet. They’re just static cling “stickers”.

Lots of fun! I’ve been Pinteresting it up every night lately and have some special Easter food ideas I’m planning to make over the next couple of weeks. Seriously, having kids changes your life. 16 year old me would be mortified to think that I’m actually into this kind of shit now. But it’s all so exciting and fun! Teen-me is face-palming right now.


Inflatable origami bunny tutorial:
How-to video here

Toilet roll bunnies: Pinterest (Craft Ideas for Kids

Paint swatch Easter egg wreath: Pinterest (Amy Roberts)

Origami bunny garland: via Hellobee {modified}

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