Christmas Ornament/Decoration Storage!

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Right, so I’m a little late off the mark on this one but I figured I’d throw it up here anyway!

I just want to share with you guys how I’ve stored my Christmas decorations this year (last year?)…

Christmas ornament storage

I bought this 6-compartment under-bed shoe organiser from a bargain store here called Shiploads for around $14 – a true bargain, right!? The dividers are removable so you can arrange them as you wish. Because I only have a few different colours in my ornament collection I organised mine into just three compartments by colour. If you have a lot of different colours you might need two of these storage units because the compartments aren’t that big when you use all 6 dividers. If you’re in Australia you can also find this style of organiser (for a slightly higher price) at Howard’s Storage World or Ikea.

For the rest of my decorations, I just store them away in storage crates. K-Mart were actually selling red and green coloured ones this year with their Christmas stock but I already have plenty regular ones so I didn’t get those. So I fill them up, wrapping up any delicates with newspaper, and store them away in our shed (but on a high shelf in a closet would work too if you don’t have sheds for storage).

christmas storage

I actually read a really good idea (after I had done all of this, of course…) on Martha Stewart’s website for storing delicate decorations using these storage crates. She glued polystyrene cups in a standing position onto a cardboard rectangle (to fit into the bottom of the crate) and used the cups to hold an ornament each. Then she again glued more cups onto another cardboard rectangle and layered that on top of the layer that had been placed in the bottom of the crate, and so on until the crate was full! Such a smart, practical idea…especially if you have disposable cups to spare from the season’s festivities. Will definitely give it a shot this year!

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  • Jennifer Cepero

    The cup idea sounds cool, but it seems like it would take up more room.

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