Christmas 2012!

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Sorry about the belated post – I am so behind it’s ridiculous with regard to photo organisation and uploading them, backing them up, sharing them, getting prints…

But here are some photos from our Christmas this year! If you follow me on Instagram (@LoveEmmalina) you will have seen a few iPhone photos from the day and some gift hauls, but here are some photos that I took with my DSLR on Christmas morning. I don’t use my camera anywhere near as often as I should, but with two kids to cart around, convenience trumps quality and I just don’t want to haul a big, fragile camera around with me most of the time.

We really had a brilliant Christmas this year…oh crap, I mean last year! Time has absolutely flown, my mind is still back in November. We had a special breakfast at home with my parents, then went to Christmas lunch at my cousin’s house. Blake had a blast jumping on his cousin’s trampoline (since his 15′ one blew away and got destroyed in the wind earlier this year). After that we went back to my parent’s house for dinner with family. Very busy, tiring day but a lot of fun. It felt so good to have our first Christmas with no financial strain or concerns at all; the day itself and the lead-up to it was so relaxed and festive. 2012 was a challenging year in terms of the amount of traveling my husband did, but boy was it kind to us in reward. Very, very thankful for the fantastic year of 2012 and can only hope and pray that things stay this good throughout 2013. I overcame so many fears, became stronger emotionally and more forward-focused and positive and finally learned the benefits of sacrifice and real hard work, both of which I have been scared of in the past and avoided.

Our Christmas tree on Christmas morning! Stuffed stockings and lots of exciting presents for the whole family.

Blake was absolutely thrilled that he could finally open his presents and that Santa and his reindeer came to eat the cookies, milk and carrots we left outside. “Why Santa want to eat his dinner outside Mummy?” Blake wondered…”Santa’s shy mummy. Santa ate his dinner outsiiiide” he said sadly with a tone of utter pity and sorrow.

Oh, my baby boy. You’re going to be 2 in five months (no!! it can’t be so!) and you’re still such a baby to me. I’ll forgive you the big fat dummy always stuck in your gob.

Byron loves to snort like Peppa Pig. He loves his grandparents!

Excitement plus!

A tired and sleepy daddy, who just worked the night shift but was just happy to be home with us. He was rostered to work Christmas Day and we were terrified that his request for leave wouldn’t be approved. But it was!

Finding some cool stuff inside his stockings – he particularly loves the train-shaped sandwich cutters I put in there (you can see their stocking stuffers on my Instagram, which I am addicted to)

Balls! Unlike Blake, Byron reaaaaally loves ball games. He thinks this ball popper is the bee’s knees. You may also note that our Christmas tree had been felled by this point. I was bloody devastated – I love Christmas and drag it out til New Years Day but I could not fix the thing at all so it all had to come down right on Boxing Day. I fist-pounded big-time over that.

Hoping all of you guys also had an awesome Christmas and a happy new year. May 2013 bring love, health and happiness to you all. xxxx

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  • Amanda Smith

    We got my daughter (month older than Byron) that ball popper thing for her 1st Birthday. It doesn’t work as well as I expected, was rather disappointed in it. Now it’s just sitting in the closet, lol. 

    • Emmalina

      Me too!! I was disappointed by it.
      The balls seem to get stuck in the trunk with ours, or they “hover” at the end of the trunk without actually popping out. Very disappointing :(

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