Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred Before & After

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So, I’ve been intending to make this post for quite a while now but time just keeps slipping away from me and I haven’t had the chance. I’ve been asked about it several times over on Formspring and I keep saying I’ll do it, I’m so sorry for keeping you guys waiting. I’m just going to make it quick.

26th May, 1 day after giving birth

The above is a photo of me one day after giving birth to Byron, just to give you a bit of an idea where I started out with the weightloss and toning. And also just for the hell of showing you what a post-partum tummy looks like. That thing definitely doesn’t just deflate over night. Well, to be fair, it does deflate overnight…just not enough.

30 Day Shred, before and after

And those are my before and after photos (plus measurements) from the 30 Day Shred. Before I started the 30DS I was just walking for 45 minutes a day or interval running three times a week.

So I did the Shred for 26/30 days and lost 6kgs. I caught up on the 4 missed days at the end; I just did an extra 4 days of Level 3.

My posts covering the 30 Day Shred are here:
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3

I’m now doing the 6 Week 6 Pack program which I’ll review for you guys soon too. It’s not as enjoyable as the 30DS, let me tell you.

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  • Kim

    You were just fine before. The little tummy you have is completely normal.And for most people this is just toxins. Or maybe baby tummy for you. If I knew you I would make sure you were eating more, it looks like you’ve starved yourself to get so thin. Apologies if I’m wrong, but maybe what you see in the mirror is different from what others see. You are very very very thin, from what this photo shows you are too thin. Us girls need a little fat on us to keep us alive and warm.

  • yup

    Don’t listen to the haters. Your body is clearly just of the skinnier type, and to be frank, on the before pictures you looked a little flabbier even though you were small there too. On the after pictures your body looks tight and worked out and healthy.

  • charlotte stevens

    You have a great figure and you should be really proud of losing weight in a healthy way by exercising. I’m sorry everyone else is being so rude, I think this is really inspiring.

  • kimmy

    Be proud, you look great, yeah you may be quite thin and you were before but you toned up and you now have healthier muscle giving you a more trim shape that is definitely healthier. Many people are naturally thin, they can eat a lot and still not gain weight, it hurts to hear people call you anorexic when you’re just being healthy as they’re chowing down on dorritos lol.

  • Kim

    Wow! You look fantastic!!! It took me 3 months to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I am expecting our second child now and will be doing the 30 day shred post partum. Oh and to the haters, she is thin and muscular – that is what a healthy body looks like. If you think that is too thin, you probably are too fat.

  • Taylor

    wow your body is amazing ! thats my goal x

  • Mercedes Cardozo

    Hi! Good job! Im planning on starting it today! Did you follow any particular diet during the time you were doing the 30DS?

  • Shannon

    I’m really late to this & don’t know if you’ll see it or not, but I just wanted to say WOW, there are some rude people on here !! Now I have about 20 to 30 pounds to lose but I used to be on the other side of the coin as well & was naturally very thin as a teen/young adult, & the nasty comments I got, especially from larger women ( not being mean, I have weight to lose now as well, just being honest here ) were absolutely unreal !! When I was 14, this woman who had to have been 40 thought it would be appropriate to yell across the store to tell me to eat a cheeseburger. Way to be mature, right ?? I noticed a trend where large women feel the need to bash thin or fit women ( things like REAL women have curves, etc., imyjng that thin or fit females are somehow not ‘ real women ‘ ) & it reeks of bitter jealousy. If you’re happy being large, great !! Acceptance of your form is a beautiful thing, but you don’t need to emotionally stomp on thinner women in order to elevate yourself, & women who are TRULY happy with themselves do not do such things. If you are like me & unhappy with your body, stop complaining about fit or trim women & DO something about it !! All of that energy that you spend on bashing these women could have been spent on achieving your dream body, & that is much more productive.

  • Shannon

    I forgot to add in my last comment…congrats, those are impressive results & you look great :-)

  • Jane

    You look incredible! I’m hoping for similar results to you. I would be really grateful if you would share what diet plan you followed whilst doing the 30 day shred? :)

  • Mindy

    I think what you need to do is have some protein and put some muscle on your body.. You dont need to be wobbly to be a little bit bigger..

  • bobby

    I feel sorry for you. it seems obvious that you have an eating disorder. I truly hope that your friends and family intervene so that you can get healthy. I don’t understand why other women would say we should support you when you are clearly ill. I also feel sorry for your children since I am confident that you are not eating enough calories to sustain the energy required to be a present, active mother. I feel that Jillian Michaels herself should contact you to let you know this is NOT the results she would encourage. Good health and healing to you.

  • Jenna

    WOW, this post may be over a year ago but this is why I wouldn’t post pictures of my body online. You are awesome to be able to take this criticism. Honestly people the title to this wasn’t “Tell Me What You Think of My Body” get over it! every post is “I think you’re too skinny… I think you’ve gone to far… I think.” Well no one asked you to put down negative comments. If you don’t like how she looks then exit out and go look at more curvy women. A lot of models have the waif look, are you going to write a letter to magazines saying the models they show are horrible looking? No. I’m 5’2″ and about to start the 30 day shred and if she can make that much of a difference in 30 days then I’m excited to see what I can do. You look good Emma :)

  • Cindy

    Thank you for your review

  • Cima Al-Saadi

    i am so jealous! how many calories are you eating, my dear? amazing!

  • Lily

    This looks like one of the unhealthiest people that I have ever see!!!! She looks completely anorexic. The reason why overweight people look bad is because they do not look healthy. Same goes for someone so underweight. Please eat something!!!!!!

  • Takiko

    I am sorry but you look kinda anorexic. The results are fantastic, there had been quite a bit of difference and I am currently on level 3 as well but don’t mind me asking , what is your height and weight?

  • Caressa

    Even after having baby you can tell her body frame is quite small. Her after picture show’s she is tone, just a very tiny frame. If she wasn’t eating she wouldn’t have any muscle tone and her butt wouldn’t look lifted like it does.

  • ggal

    Great results, but it doesn’t look like you eat very much if anything and that’s unhealthy.

  • Rachel

    Wow, you look so much more toned! Did you follow any particular diet while doing this? I read that people up their calorie intake when they’re trying to build muscle, but lower their calorie intake when they’re trying to burn fat. I’m so lost! I have the same thin body shape as you, and I look just like your before picture. Hopefully the 30 day shred will help me turn some fat into muscle! You look great!

  • Anon

    Hi there, I can see this post is old but would really appreciate your reply or from somebody else who knows about the 30 day shred! I’m currently doing it (on day 6) and I also have a thin body type, not much muscle and I’d really like to gain muscle, loose the little bit of fat I have on my stomach and tone up lots! Because I’m like a stick with wobbly bits and its not attractive, I would rather be fit and muscular. I am sorry about all the negative comments you’ve recieved, it’s not really fair for people to judge you like that. However, I see that you lost a fair amount of weight from doing the shred and was wondering if you altered your diet or ate less at the same time as doing it?? Thats great that you achieved what you wanted to, however I do NOT want to get any thinner I just really want to build muscle… does anybody know if i do this dvd to tone up shall I also make sure i eat lots and then will i gain muscle? Or is the 30 day shred not a good idea for someone like me? someone please help x

  • Ian

    Ok I just found this and it is VERY bad. You look like a skeleton with skin. I’ve been reading the comments android are saying its very rude for people to be concerned? What????? That picture is very bad and needs to be fixed. People should be concerned. All of the people who think yoU look good are probably some bulimic chicks that don’t know right from wrong. This is how people end up in the hospital. Even supermodels don’t even look that skinny. At least they have muscle. You don’t. You look like a concentration camp survivor. And the comments you’ve posted are very rude. I don’t know why you are mad at people when you are the one who’s judging people on their body and how it’s gross “i like my meat” *shudder* THAT’S SO RUDE! I don’t know who would find that body attractive, but I think if you already have two kids you should be focusing on them, not some anorexic body obsession. Say what you want to me but its only making you look like a bigger asshole

  • Ian

    And you* not android

  • Rose

    The day after I have a baby I hope I’ll be resting and cuddling rather than being self obsessed with what I look like.

  • kate

    Hi, you look great! i love waif kinda of look too and wish to get a result just like yours! i started 30 day shred today and wondering if you only do the video once a day to achieve this result? no other exercise? also what do you eat everyday? I’m trying to lose my pregnancy weight and love to have a stomach like yours…. I actually thought it’s impossible to lose that belly and you definitely inspired me!! I’d love to lose 6kg for 30 days! thanks!

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  • Amara

    I think you look great =) If you’re confident in the way you look, who cares what other people think right?!

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  • Tori

    Since when did being thin suddenly become 1000x worse than being chubby?
    I agree, she does seem skinny, but as she said before, maybe she just has a small frame. As someone with a small frame myself, I can say that it’s seriously impossible to put on, or rather, KEEP ON weight. It has little to do with diet. :P

    I pick bones over fat rolls, sorry not sorry.. Just better all around.

  • nope

    I’m not going to pretend like i’m not jealous of your body because I am but I am simply commenting to let you know that both your photos and comments about frames and figures were extremely triggering because you appear to think this is healthy and that ‘waifish’ figures are good and you basically said that people who dont have this type of figure are “pudgy wobble of lard”‘s. I am not sure whether you intended it this way but I found this page through googling ‘results 30 day shred’. I was googling this so I could find an alternative means to my eating disorder and finally recover, and i had hoped to see strong and healthy results but instead I am triggered by your bones etc especially as you think this is healthy. If this stick figure is healthy then surely that means i am horrifically overweight:( Just saying, that this is a very unhelpful blog and i feel sorry for anyone that was also triggered by this. all i was looking for was healthy results seriously. and pretending this is healthy is ridiculous.

  • Karen

    Guys! It’s all about proportions! She has 39cm thighs in the before picture and no thigh gap – because she only has 82cm hips! Yes she is tiny, but that can’t be changed unless she decides to put on a ton of fat which is simply unhealthy! So given the maths, it’s quite obvious that she isn’t starving herself! Even without fat on me, there is no way my hips would ever be that slim because I’m just not built that way! Given her shape and overall frame, the after picture is in fact a healthy and proportionate version of her natural self! And in my opinion she did look ‘skinny fat’ in the first photo so doing the 30 DS and toning it all up was the right thing to do. Now go and take your fat angst out on somebody else…maybe yourselves!!

  • ann

    I’ve seen your pics on Google for the results but never sun your blog until today. Well that’s the kick in the butt I need to start this again. I used to do the 3ds and 6w6p everyday for a few months and got great results bit had to break for 4 weeks vacation and didn’t yet back into it when I got home. So I really can’t wait to get back into this. Also for anyone wondering about diet I personally did it alongside 3 or 2 slim fast shakes a day.

  • Misses Melanie

    Hi there! I stumbled across this site while do a search on the 30 day shred. I just wanted to add a comment about how mean some of these comments are. I don’t understand why people feel rude comments are necessary.

  • Willow

     Way to be a prick about it. It doesn’t matter if you find her body gross or not, it’s HER body. She’s proud of her results and you should be happy for her that she had the motivation to change her body.

  • Nicolie

    Jealousy is a terrible trait. Didn’t your mother teach you if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all? No-one made you come on this page and look at this fantastic achievement.

    Good on you girl, I just started day 1 today :-)

  • Guest

    This is gross. I totally agree that this is verging on pro-Ana. You posted them in a public forum. Be prepared for criticism.

  • Eva

    How come that everyone supports overweight people by telling them their bodys are beautiful anyways because they don’t want to hurt them, but no one gives a second thought about insulting a girl whos body might be very skinny, but definetly not anorexic? In my opinion her body looks amazing, and you should really think twice before leaving such comments.

  • Mia

    Jesus! Everyone on here seems to just be keen to rip each other to shreds! I think she looks amazing, no matter what size but her hard work is incredibly inspiring and perfect for her body type x

  • Bruna

    sweetheart, I hope you do not find this rude, but you do look skinny, allright? =) Honestly, you do not need to loose more weight. You should do exercise in order to stay healthy, fit and beautiful, but you really don’t need to loose more weight =)

  • http://loveemmalina.com Emmalina

    Thanks so much. I did work really hard on losing that weight, it felt great to be in full control of my body again post-pregnancy. I am glad you find it inspiring rather than something to rabble about, haha. I feel good when I’m thin. I’m naturally petite and I just LIKE the “waif” look. Some people love curves, but I really love waifish figures. I’m still very healthy, plenty of energy (enough to keep up with a three year old and 18 month old!) and no health conditions. I’m very happy.

  • http://loveemmalina.com Emmalina

    Oh, give me a break. If I wasn’t able to handle the criticism don’t you think I would have taken it down by now or closed the comments? It’s been here for over a year, lol.
    You think it’s gross, whereas I LIKE not being a pudgy wobbly lump of lard. Sorry, not sorry. I really don’t care if you think it’s gross or not, it’s not like I’m your wife or something, haha

  • Kayleigh

    +1 I’m so fed up of people feeling it’s acceptable to pass comment on someone’s body, particularly when they are thinner. Everyone reserves the right to do exercise and the right to feel happy with their body, no matter what size you are. It’s also impossible to tell whether someone has an eating disorder from just looking at them – so telling someone to ‘eat something’ is just plain ignorant.

  • http://www.leavesofmytree.blogspot.com/ whitney at leavesofmytree

    I can testify to that. I am 5′ 6″ and after having my child I went down to 110 lbs, even eating whatever the hell I wanted — I’m talking fast food and tons of sugar. Not a healthy diet at all. I am naturally very thin, and if I were to start a program like this, I know I was disappear, no matter what I ate! Since having my second baby and eating healthier, I’ve actually gained five pounds. I now fluctuate between 115 and 120. But it still doesn’t matter what I consume, I don’t gain weight, and when I was running on a regular basis, I actually went back down to 110 and a size 1. Everyone’s body is different.

  • Petra

    it looks bad because you dont have ass… (but with more pounds – you will still buttocksless :D ) so…. you need butt-imlants :P

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