First Do No Harm: Why My Sons Are In-Tact

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Perfect just as you are, baby boy.

Beyond religious reasons, I don’t understand circumcision. Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t agree with religious circumcision either. Circumcision was never an issue up for discussion between me and Daniel; mostly because it is not routinely offered in Australia, in fact it’s outlawed in public hospitals here.

Whilst I wasn’t questioned about it in real life (because for fellow Australians, circumcision is not common) it was a subject of debate amongst my online buddies, particularly those from the US where it’s still routinely offered.

The arguments make little sense to me.

It’s cleaner? Honey, it’s called soap and water. Yeah dude, smegma sucks. It’s smelly and gross – when the guy doesn’t know how to keep himself clean. But did you know that smegma isn’t a build-up of dirt or grime, it actually occurs just as naturally as female discharge and it serves the same purpose – lubrication and cell-regeneration. Bathe regularly and it’s a non-issue.

It prevents sexually transmitted diseases? So does safe sex – and what about the fact that the US has one of the highest rates of STD infection whilst also having the highest proportion of circumcised males? Scientifically, the argument that foreskin removal prevents sexually transmitted diseases/infections is completely unfounded.

You think your child will feel uncomfortable if his penis does not look like his father’s? Well this is just the creepiest argument I’ve ever heard. I, for one, have never stood around having a good look at my parent’s genitalia. I wouldn’t have a clue what my mother’s vagina looks like and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been particularly disturbed if it looked a little different to my own. It probably does, for all I know. I also know that my husband couldn’t care less about his father’s penis. Do you?

And yet, there are so many (scientifically justified!) arguments against circumcision.

It has been proven to diminish sexual sensitivity. My husband and I have discussed it before – how uncomfortable and abrasive sex must be (for both parties) without the rolling skin of a man’s foreskin.

Circumcision hurts. Do you really think those newborn babies scream just for the hell of it? Here, let me chop off a chunk of your skin from one of the most sensitive parts of your body and see how painless it is.

It can cause infections, sometimes extremely severe ones. Every surgical procedure has inherent risks – why would you put your child at risk of those complications for a completely pointless intervention? Hemorrhage, permanent damage to the penis…no thanks!

The foreskin is not without purpose. It has a function. The foreskin covers the glans in infancy to shield it from bodily fluids and waste. It serves as protection throughout life, protecting it from injury and things like dirt and debris. Isn’t it funny how sometimes children are born without a foreskin and this must be recorded as a birth defect, but then some parents and doctors inflict that same defect upon perfectly healthy and normal babies?

All too often I hear of women saying that if they have a son, they will let their husbands decide whether or not he will be circumcised. Why? Your baby is your son, you have every right to partake in the decision-making process. Circumcision is not a “man thing” and it’s not something that should be undertaken lightly with no thought whatsoever. If you really want to leave the decision up to your partner, then you’d better hope your partner has done his research and knows what he’s doing to his son. You owe it to your child to not treat this issue dismissively – like I said, despite what doctors may tell you, this is a surgical procedure that has risks like any other. You owe it to your child to be aware of those risks and be aware of the many myths and misconceptions about circumcision.

Our little boys are perfect. They are born perfect. They do not need to be “corrected” by a doctor’s knife the minute they are born. I honestly don’t know why other countries haven’t caught up to Australia and outlawed such a barbaric practice.

That’s why our boys are in-tact. That’s why any future sons of ours will remain in-tact, too.

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