Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred – Level 3

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Day 22
Sore abs from dancing! First day of Level 3. It’s enjoyable, the workout goes much quicker than the others because there’s a lot of different stuff in it. The dumbell cleans are SO fun! The travelling push-ups? Not so much. I did struggle today and had to take quite a few 5 second breaks. I’m losing motivation at this point, it’s hard keeping up with this every single day. This is actually an extremely hard program. I’m not an extremely heavy person and I struggle with it. I can’t imagine having 200lbs of weight to support doing it. Jillian Michaels is a little bit psycho.

Day 23
Did it, nothing to report and I’m in a rush so…yeah.

Day 24
Didn’t do it, we had friends over and I guess I just got side-tracked!

Day 25
Did it. Was fun, however I’m noticing some lower back pain. I’ve had back problems since my pregnancy with Blake (I have a bulging disc) so I’ll warn you guys not to push yourselves too hard on this level if you have a dodgy back. The Supermans really kill me and I’ve felt my back sort of “lock up” on me quite a few times. I’m sure that’s not good!

Day 26
Whew! I like Level 3 so much better than Level 2. The exercizes are so much more fun. I really struggle with the rockstar jumps and jump squats but I can still get through ‘em. It’s tough though.

Day 27
I can’t believe I’m at day 27 already. Nothing really to report.

Day 28
I did the Shred just before bed tonight. There’s a lot of squatting and jumping around in this level, I kind of struggle with the squats after a while but it’s not too hard or anything.

Day 29
Was a busy day today but managed to find time for it after lunch. By this point, the Level 3 workout is very easy for me. I’m wondering what it’d be like if I did Level 1 again now…I wonder if I’d breeze through it? I mean, when I say Level 3 is “very easy”, I still break a sweat, but it’s not so hard that I need to take breaks or anything. I’m starting to think about what I’m going to do in terms of home workouts next – I’m thinking I’ll either do Ripped in 30 or 6 Week Six-Pack both from Jillian Michaels. I’m also training for a 5k run.

Day 30
Last day! Well, technically I still have 4 days to catch up on. At this point I’m finding Level 3 quite comfortable. My only complaint is that I don’t feel “worked out” enough any more during the cardio intervals and I feel like Level 3 focuses to much on my quads and leaves the other muscle groups somewhat lacking.

Stay tuned for my Before & After photos and an overall review of this DVD! I’ll be posting it very soon. I Shredded for a total of 26 out of 30 days. I was going to catch up on the four days I missed, but I’m thinking I might just begin on a new exercise program as I’ve gotten a little bored with the Shred now!

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