Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred – Level 2

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Day 11
First day of Level 2 and my form was terrible. I think I need to sit and watch the workout tomorrow before I actually do it. I was all over the place! It was so hard! I was doing the beginner modifications a lot of the time.

Day 12
Really hard but not painful. Cardio is so hard in this level.

Day 13
Left the workout too late tonight, but that’s OK. I guess it’s a tiny bit easier than yesterday though. I do OK until I get to the chair squats with V-flies. They KILL me, I have to keep taking short breaks. I’m still finding the cardio really difficult in Level 2. I’m following the beginner modifications, it’s just so hard!

Day 14
So close to the half way mark! Really pushed myself this time to do the advanced modifications and managed it right up until the last set of plank jacks. It’s getting slightly easier, but it’s still pretty tough! I’m enjoying it now though, whereas for the past 3 days I actually really didn’t like doing the workout at all because it was so hard.

Day 15
No shredding today. Too much information, but my period started today and it is hell.

Day 16
Nothing much to report. I didn’t really push myself very hard tonight so I was a bit slack. I still completed the workout but I didn’t give it my all. I’m considering doing the Shred in the morning from now on. I’m finding it really repetitive and boring at this point and having it looming over my head all day is a pain in the neck, I’d prefer to just get it out of the way. Plus someone left a comment here suggesting that morning workouts are more effective at burning fat rather than calories you’ve already consumed during the day.

Day 17
Did it. That’s all there is to report. Getting mighty bored of it. I think Jillian Michaels may have invented planking. Do level 2 of the 30DS and you’ll know what I mean. Oh, there is one thing I want to say though…and that is, my skin has sucked since I’ve started this thing. My sweat is really drying out my skin and clogging my pores even though I’m religious about washing my face afterwards. Ugh. Feels like sunburn!

Day 18
I’m getting so bored of this. Level 2 is so boring and I’m sick to death of planking. I’m not noticing as drastic an increase in strength and endurance as I did in Level 1, but I guess there’s some improvement.

Day 19
Whew, I almost missed the work-out today. I got distracted chatting on Facebook and Daniel had to encourage me to force myself to do it. I’m so glad I did. I did all the advanced modifications today and found it very easy. I love the walk-out push-ups and oblique twists, I find them so fun! I’m still finding the chair squats difficult but at least I’m able to finish the set now without taking a 5 second breather.

Day 20
Last day of Level 2! I’m scared for tomorrow especially since I’m probably going to be hungover, oops! So it’s Day 20 and I only just started doing the advanced modifications over the last few days. I guess Level 3 is going to be hard! Let’s hope there’s no more planking craziness.

Day 21
No shredding today. Was predictably hungover and danced like a crazy hussy until 4 in the morning so I doubt it was necessary.

And here’s the first day of Level 3…

Day 22
Sore abs from dancing! First day of Level 3. It’s enjoyable, the workout goes much quicker than the others because there’s a lot of different stuff in it. The dumbell cleans are SO fun! The travelling push-ups? Not so much. I did struggle today and had to take quite a few 5 second breaks. I’m losing motivation at this point, it’s hard keeping up with this every single day. This is actually an extremely hard program. I’m not an extremely heavy person and I struggle with it. I can’t imagine having 200lbs of weight to support doing it. Jillian Michaels is a little bit psycho.

I’ll be doing Level 3 over the next 8 days so expect a blog post around the start of next week to wrap things up!

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  • Michelle

    What was your diet like throughout the entire program?
    I’m so raring to know, because I once did this program intensively and dropped 5 kilos. But after that, I stayed at a certain weight even though I was still doing 30DS 6 days in a week, and that really demotivated me.

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